masonry, Tiling
& cementing


We use only the best materials for a strong and lasting foundation, while ensuring the entire infrastructure is not compromised. Bricklaying is a core masonry work to install or restore the brick structures for walls or an entire infrastructure such as staircases, sidewalks, gardens etc.

Plastering & Waterproofing

Done with great attention and precision, these steps ensures protection and prevents water leakage and seepage (sometimes decorative purposes for plastering). Our waterproofing is only done by a specialist in wet areas such as the bathroom, kitchen or swimming pool for long-lasting quality.

Cementing & Screed Work

Cement screed is a finishing work (sometimes decorative for an industrial, rustic look) to smoothen and flatten the floor surface before layering with tiles, vinyl or wood laminates. Only uses high quality materials done by our experienced crew to produce quality work for residential, commercial and public areas.

Tiling & Flooring

Ensuring the final decorative layer of tiles, carpet, marble or parquet (wood flooring) is professionally laid according to the materials’ functionality and properties (eg. hardness, density, elasticity, resistance etc.) for the nicest and durable outcome.

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